Experience - over 25 years of it!
Fun - our systems are easy to operate and fun to use, by design.
Design - we work with your Architect, Interior Designer, and/or Contractor to make your system fit your aesthetics.
Future - we design systems that are easily updated as new technologies emerge or your needs change.
Service - we stand behind our systems with on call maintenance and service.
Design Interaction has been designing whole house audio and video systems and creating media rooms and home theaters since 1982. Our goal as design and installation professionals is to provide you with an exciting and reliable entertainment system that is simple to operate and fits your home and lifestyle. We are not only experts in audio, video, and acoustics, but we are also enthusiasts. We truly enjoy our work and get tremendous satisfaction from bringing the joys of quality music reproduction and a cinematic experience to your home. 
Over the past few decades we have seen radical changes in home entertainment systems. These changes have been even more pronounced recently as high definition video has moved from promise to reality. We understand the demands of these newer technologies and always design our systems to be as modular and future proof as possible. When we install a new system, we make sure that future advances in technology will be able to be incorporated into that system and your home entertainment system will not become out dated by a new format or distribution technology.
Working as a team with you and your interior designer, architect, or contractor, we will engineer a system for you that matches your home or garden's aesthetics seamlessly. Whether your project is a simple stand alone system for a pool house or an integrated whole house audio system with video distribution and networked sources and controls, we will engineer your system to satisfy your needs.
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